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Western Slope HOG
Dyna-saur Qwest

Take a picture with anything Dinosaur and score a point towards your goal of 25 pics and receive your patch at the end of the year!  Be sure to include your bike and yourself if you can safely do so.

We will also be giving prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for most submitted pictures.  Get creative… and yes Sinclair Gas Stations are an easy addition to your collection of pictures submitted.

Send your pictures to  with your NAME AND LOCATION IN THE SUBJECT LINE and we will track your count throughout the year.

A few examples might be Town sign of Dinosaur CO, sign at Dinosaur National Park…Get creative!  Anything Dinosaurs!

We will be including some opportunities for points on our rides this year!

April LOH ride will include a Hunt around town to help get you started or add to your collection of pictures.
Other HOG rides will have opportunities too!

LET’s have some fun with this! To earn a patch, you must be a Western Slope HOG member.  Dyna-saur Qwest ends October 31st so be sure to get your pictures submitted.

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